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A shadow government has been created in Kyrgyzstan. It intends to help the official cabinet of ministers to raise the economy. The shadow prime minister and his aides have already traveled to Turkey for investments, and today they went to a press conference with a story about their achievements and everyday life.

About Turkey and nimble journalists

Shadow Prime Minister Marat Imankulov began the report:

– At the invitation of entrepreneurs, our acquaintances, friends, we visited Istanbul. The main goal was to meet with Turkish entrepreneurs to attract new investments for the construction of small and medium-sized businesses in Kyrgyzstan. During the visit, I managed to visit a number of facilities and negotiate a direct delivery of goods. We convinced them to enter the Kyrgyz Republic market with large investments.

  • A representative office of the shadow government has already been established in Istanbul to attract investment.

Businessmen are interested in investing in Kyrgyzstan. Many came to the republic. Have a business in Kazakhstan. We explained that we are experiencing difficulties, there is unemployment in the country. Their money and new technologies will help us find jobs for citizens. Our goal is to help the republic develop.

According to the head of the shadow government, due to poverty, Kyrgyzstan is periodically covered with coups and rallies.

– In a poor country there are always cataclysms. Where there is poverty, poverty, people always take radical actions, – Marat Imankulov believes.

“As a diplomat, foreign minister, I am pleased with our trip to Turkey,” enters Tursunbai Bakir uulu. – The journalists there, like you, are very nimble, they found out about our meetings. Leading Turkish channels not only filmed, but also interviewed the prime minister of the shadow government. More than 30 sites have written about us.

About personnel changes

The structure of the shadow cabinet has not yet been approved, but some positions have already been filled. So, Tursunbai Bakir uulu became the first vice prime minister and minister of foreign affairs concurrently. Zharasul Abduraimov – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry.

Investors and their fears

Zharasul Abduraimov also voiced his vision of the development of the Kyrgyz economy. The existing principles only hinder the attraction of investments and frighten foreign and local entrepreneurs.

– For an ordinary person, some departments of the ministries are incomprehensible. Any citizen should know where to go to build, for example, a brick factory. We will not say that we will build so many factories, factories, enterprises. Not. In Soviet times, we knew what village and what kind of production there was. We will not restore it, but taking advantage of the fact that production facilities and buildings are empty there, we want to attract foreign investors there, – he said about the plans.

Despite promises from shadow officials, foreign entrepreneurs fear that they might be fooled in Kyrgyzstan.

“We assured them that investments should be guaranteed and the conditions mutually beneficial. If necessary, we are ready to discuss projects with government agencies. The main thing is that the republic remains the winner, the Prime Minister is sure.

The Ministry of Industry has about 100 business projects under development. The shadow government is convinced that it is necessary “just to find production facilities and offer them to investors.”

– You invite investors, but is the official government ready to work with them? – journalists are interested.

– We did not coordinate our actions with the current government. That is why we and the shadow government are constructive opposition. Our task is to help the authorities and the people, – Marat Imankulov answers.

– Who will protect the investor if the cabinet of ministers did not negotiate with him?

– Existing laws allow them to be protected, only they need to be implemented, not to let some official interpret them in their own way, to take kickbacks. If there are obstacles, we will voice it to the public.

– For example, an investor came to Kyrgyzstan. Should he enter into agreements with the current government?

– Not necessary. He can go to a private entrepreneur. Investors should come, and our task is to create conditions for them and be intermediaries. Foreign investors always prefer to bypass the government. The main thing is to give them a competent business plan, then they are ready to allocate direct investments.

About laboratories

Concerned about the shadow government and the lack of veterinary laboratories.

– There are good industrialists in my team. We are concerned about setting up laboratories. This is a very simple question, but we cannot get it right. In Turkey, we looked at enterprises. We already know how to look at those factories that are of interest to us. There is a crisis situation with the processing of leather and wool. There are many enterprises, but there are not enough raw materials. More than 60 factories have expressed a desire to work with Kyrgyzstan. We explained to them that we do not want to send only raw materials. We need a finished product that can be sold abroad. You don’t need a big mind for this.

About unnecessary tenders

Meanwhile, members of the shadow government are against tenders.

– I always joke: we cannot agree with the tender master. This is a type of corruption. If the manufacturer knows which device to buy and from which company, he should work with it. Our specialists quickly master any devices, – Zharasul Abduraimov believes.

And again about Turkey

– Why did you start negotiations not with Kazakhstan or Russia, but with Turkey? – journalists are not appeased.

– Turkey was the first to invite us, so we went.



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