Sergei Garmash called the situation in the Sovremennik theater “monstrous” and announced his resignation from the troupe

Sergey GarmashPeople's Artist of Russia Sergei Garmash announced his resignation from the theater troupe "Contemporary"where he served since 1984.  He explained his decision in an open letter, which he published in the chat of the theater staff, and then read it out at a closed meeting of the troupe

People’s Artist of Russia Sergei Garmash announced his resignation from the Sovremennik Theater troupe, where he served since 1984. He explained his decision in an open letter, which he published in the chat of the theater staff, and then read it out at a closed meeting of the troupe

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People’s Artist of Russia Sergei Garmash announced his resignation from the Sovremennik Theater troupe, where he served since 1984. He explained his decision in an open letter, which he posted in the theater staff chat, and then read it out at a private meeting of the troupe.

Garmash called the reason for leaving the “monstrous situation” in the theater, which has developed with the arrival of a new artistic director Victor Ryzhakov, who took office almost immediately after the death of Galina Volchek. Some media outlets called Sergey Garmash one of her main possible successors.

“Volchek’s office was destroyed instantly.” Dialogues “dedicated to the anniversary of the Victory were released, some of the statements that sounded inside them, I can not call anything other than blasphemy, provocation and even a crime,” Garmash quotes a letter “Moscow’s comsomolets”.

This is an online project “Contemporary Dialogues. War and Peace”released for the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. IN Facebook theater it is reported that the authors and initiators of the project were young artists, “who decided to try to boldly and sincerely talk about the war, about peace, about their fears and feelings.” The dialogue between young actors and their senior colleagues takes place in the format of Zoom conferences.

Garmash did not participate in the project. According to him, the artistic director “pushed” the young artists to participate, “and then he edited the film,” promulgating it on behalf of the theater. “And when some of you were indignant, they simply closed your mouth, appealing to some opinions, within which there were also the judgments of the officials who carried out the appointment as an argument,” Garmash’s letter says. The artist stated that “there is a massacre of people, excellent professionals who gave the theater decades of their lives.”

“I can’t do otherwise, because I remember everything that Volchek said at the coffin. And if I can’t confirm it and implement it, I leave,” Garmash told his colleagues. According to MK, the actors of Sovremennik back in May during a closed online conference “quite sharply” spoke out against the project “Dialogues”, calling it “helpless and illiterate.”

Garmash’s representative Oleg Budrin confirmed his departure from the troupe. “This is due to the new policy of the theater, with a careless attitude to the history of the theater, to artists who have given many years to the theater. He is an artist, not a director, not an artistic director. He can only write a letter of resignation and explain why, that he has no strength to fight.” , – said Budrin in an interview with the TV channel “Star”.

In conversation with RBK Budrin clarified that Garmash will not have to look for a new job, since his schedule has already been scheduled for four years in advance. “He is an actor, let’s say in Soviet style, of all-Union scale. He may not go anywhere. He is filming, he has a schedule scheduled for four years in advance, and that is because we are holding him back,” the artist’s representative said. According to him, now Garmash’s schedule has become even tighter due to restrictions on coronavirus.

Budrin clarified Public News Servicethat Garmash left the troupe, but not from the stage of the Sovremennik Theater. “I think Sergei will remain in the repertoire, he cannot let down his fellow actors, some come from other cities. He will remain in the repertoire of Sovremennik, but he will not be a member of the troupe, like many other artists. Now no one owes anything to anyone. . If Sergei has time, yes, a performance is staged for it, “the source said.

According to him, no one hounded Garmash and did not survive from the theater, but he “does not like what is happening.” “He tried to solve the issue in a different way – it didn’t work out. Everything was superimposed on one another. He is an actor, rarely plans something. This is his emotional decision,” Budrin explained. According to the poster on website “Contemporary”, Sergei Garmash is involved in the premiere performance of “Dad” on September 1 and 2.

The news of the artist’s departure from the troupe coincided with the opening of the International Tchaikovsky Festival in Klin, within the framework of which the world premiere of the musical and dramatic production “Ch + Ch” with the participation of Garmash for the anniversary of P.I. Tchaikovsky and A.P. Chekhov. Speaking to reporters, Garmash immediately warned that he would only answer questions about the festival, writes “TVNZ”… “If someone asks a question about Sovremennik, everything will end. And everyone will feel bad,” the actor said.

Garmash’s decision to leave the troupe came as a surprise to some of his colleagues. The Sovremennik actress Olga Drozdova suggested that he would return. “I think this is some kind of our internal history, in which case you don’t need to wash dirty linen in public. This is a random story. It will return, it will work, and it all has nothing so pretentious,” she commented. Nikita Efremov, who took part in the Dialogues project and was named as one of its initiators, said that he respects Garmash’s decision. “Any person has the right to his view of the situation. I have it different, Sergei Leonidovich he is like this,” – said the artist in a conversation with the radio station “Moscow Says”.

Chulpan Khamatova believes that there is no “catastrophic, monstrous situation” in Sovremennik, and the new artistic director simply did not have the opportunity to show himself because of the quarantine. “There is no great joy, but there is no great grief,” she commented on Garmash’s departure in an interview. RBK… “The man behaved honestly: he does not want to move in the direction that Ryzhakov opens.” She called her colleague’s decision “a fairly logical conclusion,” and noted that as an artist she would have done the same if she did not agree with Viktor Ryzhakov’s vision.

Speaking about the Dialogues project, which Garmash criticized, Khamatova noted that she had watched everything “censored.” “And it was done with such love, which can be seen even from the way the music was laid. It is clear that no one will watch the three-hour conversations on YouTube, so they had to be cut down on editing,” the actress explained.

She noted that the young artists who took part in the project have “a different point of view.” “But just forbidding them to think the way they think is wrong. I looked specifically, and I don’t see any traces of a crime. I believe that young people should be wrong, they should have their own point of view, even if it is different from ours,” emphasized Khamatova.

In her opinion, the new artistic director wants to make Sovremennik not a “fashionable” theater “in the empty sense of the word”, which Galina Volchek has always opposed, but a popular one. “And there is every chance to preserve the main thing that was in the theater – the pulsation of time and an honest conversation with the audience,” the actress believes.

MK writes that Ryzhakov, having assumed the post of artistic director of Sovremennik, “began strangely”: “he easily entered the post and into Volchek’s office”, not observing the memorial days, “shoots of nepotism”, which was never welcomed there. In particular, he introduced his daughter as a social media specialist and invited the husband of his new assistant, director Georgy Surkov, to the production.


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