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Every year on January 1, the Melnitsa animation studio releases a sequel to one of its franchises. This year the turn of the cartoon “Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf” has come. The third part of the story was released.

This time the story begins with the fact that the Tsar, who celebrated his 150th birthday, is tired of ruling the Far Away Kingdom. With the easily recognizable analogy “I’m tired. I’m leaving, ”he goes on a well-deserved rest, and hands the case to his son-in-law Ivan, who is helped by the Gray Wolf. Ivan is just getting a taste of the new position, as his wife, Vasilisa, recalls that three years have passed since the wedding, and they have not been on their honeymoon trip.

Arguing with a woman is more precious to yourself. As a result, the family, along with the Wolf and the Scientist Cat, goes on a Euro tour on an airplane carpet. True, someone still has to rule, but as a deputy there is no one better than … Scarecrow!

A journey begins, accompanied by incessant jokes. And here there is a combination of tsarist Russia and modernity. Airbags on the carpet of the plane, correctly and incorrectly tilted towers and beer as a gift from the Germans – all this looks very comical.

Only Vasilisa got a taste and bought herself some outfits, as it turns out that a unique jam deposit has been discovered in the Kingdom of Faraway. The heroes quickly return home. And there, with the light hand of Scarecrow Pal Palych, new palaces have already been built, and a theater, and even a museum of local lore. True, all the innovations are noticeable on one condition – if you eat jam. As a result, the soul of Ivan, thanks to the simple manipulations of the Scarecrow, moves into a clockwork monkey, somewhat reminiscent of himself. But the Scarecrow, now in the form of Ivan, is preparing to take over the whole world with the help of jam.

Here the old tsar intervenes and finds an antidote to the jam. Further, according to the logic of the genre, the climactic fight of the main characters with evil and the victory over it follows.

The plot, of course, is funny due to its inadequacy, some innovations and unexpected actions of the heroes, sometimes unreal and unusual for the characters of our cartoons. But all the same, from the middle of the film, I want to get up and leave. Children in the hall openly yawn, and adults are waiting all the time for something really amazing to happen. But that doesn’t happen. You leave the cinema with a feeling of understatement and oversight.

Although “Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf-3” is still a New Year’s cartoon for children, and therefore one should not expect something masterpiece from him. A light, entertaining cartoon that is perfect for family viewing on New Year’s holidays, when you want to relax and forget about life’s problems, laugh at the adventures of Ivan Tsarevich and his team.

Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf-3

Russia, 2015, 76 minutes

Director: Darina Schmidt

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family



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