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Latvia again handed over a refugee from Uzbekistan to Estonia

The stateless person Abdreshid Kushaev was handed over to Estonia by the Latvian authorities. He himself informed a reporter of Azattyk (the Kazakh edition of Radio Liberty) about this by contacting him via WhatsApp messenger from the library of the city of Tartu, where he is currently located.

According to Kushaev, he was accommodated in a free social hotel, where he can stay from 7 pm to 8 am. He eats at the local church once a day, and he also takes food from the food bank. Kushaev is also obliged to report once a week at the local police station.

56-year-old Abdreshid Kushaev has been in Latvia since July 7, where he fled from Estonia that day, fearing expulsion to a third country, by which he understands Uzbekistan, his homeland. Upon arrival in Latvia, Kushaev surrendered to the Latvian border guards, who placed him in a closed camp for foreigners for 10 days. Court of the Latvian city of Daugavpils countedthat he should not be left at liberty, since he is not employed, he has no housing and no means of subsistence and he can escape.

Then Kushaev in a conversation with “Azattyk” said that he did not lose hope of achieving status in Latvia – if not a refugee, then at least a stateless person, that is, a stateless person.

In mid-June, Kushaev, who by that time had served more than eight months in the migration prison of Lithuania, deported to Estonia, the first EU country on the way.

Kushaev has been wandering around different European countries for several years. Five years ago he fled Uzbekistan and moved to Estonia via Kazakhstan and Russia. From autumn 2017 to 17 June 2020, he was held in various European prisons. He lost his Uzbek citizenship and did not acquire citizenship of any other country.



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