Another convoy of buses with Kyrgyz citizens left Russia for Kyrgyzstan

On August 5, another large group of its citizens left the Orenburg and Samara regions by land transport for Kyrgyzstan. According to the embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Russian Federation, on 43 buses through the territory of Russia, and then Kazakhstan, there are 2,543 Kyrgyz citizens, including 1,879 men, 625 women, 39 minors.

The list of returnees includes citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who were in the cities of Orenburg and Sol-Iletsk, in a tent camp in the Buzuluk district of the Orenburg region, as well as those who have accumulated in the Samara region.

In pursuance of the agreements reached between the Kyrgyz and Russian sides, the latter allocated 32 buses free of charge for transporting Kyrgyz citizens through the territory of the Russian Federation to the checkpoint on the Russian – Kazakh border “Sagarchin” (470 km). In turn, Kazakhstani private transport companies leased 43 buses on a commercial basis.

The minimum cost of travel through the territory of Kazakhstan to the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border – the Aktilek checkpoint, 2,257 km – was determined by these companies in the amount of 3,000 rubles per adult citizen, children travel free of charge.

The removal of people was carried out in stages within two days. The first convoy of 20 buses departed on 4 August. On the spot, an employee of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Russian Federation was documenting citizens, in particular, the passports of thirty-two citizens were extended and certificates were issued for the return of seventeen to their homeland.

The diplomatic mission of the Kyrgyz Republic, together with the Russian side, also resolved the issue of free medical examination for Kyrgyz citizens.

“Thus, all citizens of Kyrgyzstan have been taken to their homeland from the border Russian-Kazakh territory of the Samara and Orenburg regions,” the embassy noted. And they expressed gratitude to the Governor of the Orenburg Region Denis Pasler, the Governor of the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov, the Vice-Governor of the Orenburg Region Dmitry Kulagin, law enforcement officers of this region, as well as representatives of the Kyrgyz diaspora for all-round assistance and support provided to the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, including for organizing a tent town and catering.

“In total, since the closure of state borders from the Orenburg and Samara regions, the return home of 4,974 compatriots was organized by 95 buses, in transit through the territory of Kazakhstan (May 7, May 23, July 5 and August 5). In addition, it was carried out 93 flights. In general, to date, 24 944 Kyrgyz citizens have returned from Russia to Kyrgyzstan, “the embassy informed.



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