Uzbeks gathered on the Russian-Kazakh border will be allowed through the border on August 6

More than 3.5 thousand citizens of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, who have accumulated on the Russian-Kazakh border in the Orenburg and Samara regions of the Russian Federation, began to go home. This was reported by the Novosti news agency with reference to the government of the Orenburg region.

According to the regional authorities, about 3 thousand citizens of Kyrgyzstan and more than 500 citizens of Uzbekistan have accumulated on the Russian-Kazakh border – on the territory of Buzuluk Orenburg and Samara region.

“Citizens of Kyrgyzstan, who are in the Buzuluk region and on the territory of the Samara region, during today and tomorrow will be transported across the border with the Republic of Kazakhstan and will go home. The total number of transported citizens of Kyrgyzstan is almost 3 thousand people. About 500 citizens of Uzbekistan, also awaiting the opportunity to return home, by prior arrangement, will be able to cross the border on August 6. They will go to their home country by rail, ”the regional government said.

It is reported that there are many elderly, pregnant women and children in the tent city where migrants live.

Recall that due to the coronavirus pandemic, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan closed their state borders. As a result, thousands of citizens of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, who were working in Russia, were unable to cross the border and return to their homeland. In the Orenburg and Samara regions, tent camps were set up for migrants.

Мигранты из Узбекистана и Кыргызстана живут в палатках на российско-казахстанской границе

Migrants from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan live in tents on the Russian-Kazakh border

On July 16, most of the Uzbek migrants stranded on the Russian-Kazakh border in the Buzuluk district of the Orenburg region were brought home by train.

The head of the national-cultural autonomy of the Uzbeks of the Orenburg region, Ravshan Kavlanov, told Ozodlik on July 23 that more than 400 Uzbeks remained on the Russian-Kazakh border, who were waiting for the border to open.

On July 8-9, 3746 citizens of Uzbekistan crossed the checkpoint “Zhibek Zholy” – “Gisht-Kuprik” on the Uzbek-Kazakh border.

According to the Operational Headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, over 2,700 compatriots returned to Uzbekistan through this checkpoint from July 1 to July 7.

However, due to the organizational difficulties that arose, the crossing of the Kazakh-Uzbek border by fellow citizens was carried out in a limited number. For this reason, about 3,000 more citizens of Uzbekistan gathered at the Zhibek Zholy – Gisht-Kuprik checkpoint.



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