So ammonium nitrate got to the port of Beirut

“Ammonium nitrate caused explosions in Beirut? The mirror, a large amount of the chemical has been stored in an almost unprotected warehouse since 2015. Petitions to get rid of the dangerous goods were ignored. ”

“Back in October 2013, the Rhosus cargo ship sailed in the Mediterranean under the Moldovan flag from Georgia to Mozambique with 2,750 tons of high-explosive ammonium nitrate on board. This substance is used to produce fertilizers and explosives,” the newspaper writes.

“Presumably due to mechanical breakdown, Rhosus docked at the port of Beirut. According to the report of the monitoring service FleetMon from July 2014, the ship was detained in Beirut. The crew of four – one Russian and three Ukrainians – were prohibited from leaving the ship. considered himself responsible for removing the “floating bomb” from the shallows: the owner of the ship, a Russian living in Cyprus, “does not communicate, does not send salaries, does not provide support,” the FleetMon service reported at the time. The owner of the cargo refused to take it. The Lebanese authorities did nothing to give Rhosus the opportunity to leave the port again. After a lengthy legal dispute, the crew was allowed to leave, the fate of the vessel is unknown, “the article says.

“In 2015, the cargo was unloaded ashore: at the same 12th warehouse, which first caught fire on Tuesday, and then became the epicenter of a powerful explosion. The warehouse was not particularly protected and air-conditioned, as provided by the safety standards for storing ammonium nitrate in other countries “.

“Why was the cargo not moved to another place?” The newspaper asks. “According to an undated service note, presumably from the port administration, applications were made in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 to remove highly dangerous cargo from the port,” either send it back to the sender or take the necessary steps to sell it to a Lebanese explosives company. ”

“None of this was done. Until it was too late,” says Der Spiegel.


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