State Department “buys” Russians by offering $ 10 million

Russian citizens living in different regions began to receive text messages with a proposal to provide the US State Department with information on interference in the American elections – in exchange for a reward of up to $ 10 million. One of the recipients was a deputy of the City Council of Yekaterinburg Timofey Zhukov

Writes about this on Thursday, August 6, edition

“The US State Department offers up to $ 10 million for information on meddling in the US elections. If you have information, please contact”, – the message says, and the link attached to the text leads to the official Twitter account of the US State Department program “Reward for the assistance of justice” in Russian.

The US Embassy confirmed the publication It’s My Citythat these messages are genuine, not fake.

“Yes, this is a real program presented yesterday by Secretary of State Pompeo. The newsletter is part of a campaign that includes other social networks, such as Twitter,” the channel’s website quoted “Rain” explanations of the press service of the embassy.

Representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented on the situation on her page in the social network Facebook, calling the newsletter a hybrid attack, with the help of which the United States solves “purely pragmatic tasks.”

“Everything is primitive, since it is based on the usual for American security officials link: report – get it,” Zakharova wrote. She stressed that in this way the American special services interfere in the lives of Russians.

“The Rewards for Justice Program of the State Department offers rewards of up to $ 10 million for personally identifiable information or the whereabouts of any person who, acting under the direction or control of a foreign government, interferes in a US election by engaging in criminal cyberattacks.” – says on US Foreign Office website.


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