three defendants sentenced to real terms

The Lyublinsky District Court of Moscow found the defendants in the New Greatness case guilty of extremist activity and sentenced them to imprisonment for up to seven years: four of the defendants were given suspended sentences, three were given real sentences, reports on Thursday, August 6, the channel’s website “Rain” .

The verdict of the accused at the trial in the New Greatness case

• Maria Dubovik – 6 years probation;
• Anna Pavlikova – 4 years probation;
• Vyacheslav Kryukov – 6 years in prison;
• Ruslan Kostylenkov – 7 years in prison;
• Pyotr Karamzin – 6.5 years in prison;
• Maxim Roshchin – 6.5 years probation;
• Dmitry Poletaev – 6 years probation.

Dmitry Poletaev, who was in the pre-trial detention center, was released in the courtroom.

The New Greatness case was opened in the spring of 2018, with ten people accused of “creating an extremist community in order to overthrow the constitutional order.”

At the beginning of the trial, some of the defendants who were tortured in the pre-trial detention center were not yet 18 years old. The investigation considers Kostylenkov to be the leader of the “New Greatness”.

The main witness in the case is Ruslan D., whose real name, according to the newspaper, is Rodion Zelinsky. The defense of the accused considers him a provocateur and an employee of the special services, and the defendants themselves are the victims of a provocation. The first verdict in the case was delivered to Rustam Rustamov, who entered into a pre-trial agreement with the investigation: he was sentenced to a year and a half in prison conditionally.

In April 2019, another person involved in the case, Pavel Rebrovsky, who confessed, received 2.5 years in a general regime colony. … However, after the verdict was passed, Rebrovsky retracted his words and said that he had confessed to an imperfect crime under pressure from an investigator who threatened him with an article on terrorism.

Later, the Moscow City Court overturned the sentence to Rebrovsky, his case was separated into a separate proceeding.


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