Egypt and Greece signed an agreement on the boundaries of exclusive economic zones

The governments of Egypt and Greece signed on Thursday, August 6, an agreement on the borders of the exclusive economic zones of the two countries in the Mediterranean.

The agreement was signed in Cairo by the Foreign Ministers Sameh Shukri and Nikos Dendias.

In Athens, they emphasize that the agreement between Egypt and Greece actually deprives the meaning of the previously signed agreement on maritime borders, signed between Turkey and the government of national consent of Libya, which did not comply with international maritime law.

Dendias, in particular, stressed that the Greek-Egyptian treaty is based on international maritime law, in contrast to the “illegal and legally unjustified treaty between Turkey and the government in Tripoli.”

Shortly before the signing of the treaty with Egypt, Dendias announced that Greece was ready to begin immediate negotiations on the demarcation of the sea zones with Turkey.

In June 2020, Greece signed an agreement on the borders of exclusive economic zones with Italy.

Meanwhile, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlet Cavusoglu said that the Greek-Egyptian treaty violates the rights of Turkey and Libya and, accordingly, is illegal.


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