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In Ukraine, cases have been opened against 100 foreign mercenaries for military actions in Donbass

Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine

The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine began criminal proceedings on the facts of the participation of more than 100 foreign mercenaries in the armed conflict against Ukraine as part of illegal armed groups, according to the website of the Office of the Prosecutor General on Friday. Cases are handled by the Department of Supervision of Crimes Committed in an Armed Conflict. “Interfax”.

“Prosecutors found that from 2014 to the present at least 2 citizens of Bulgaria, 7 – Armenia, 1 – Georgia, 19 – Italy, 27 – Spain, 12 – Kazakhstan, 3 – Lithuania, 26 – Moldova, 2 – Netherlands and 5 – Germany, as part of irregular armed formations of the Russian Federation not provided for by law, participated in an armed conflict against Ukraine in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which led to the death of people and other grave consequences, “the message says.

Foreigners were part of various units of illegal armed formations (IAFs). In particular, they were allegedly in the 14th territorial defense battalion “Ghost”, the 11th separate motorized rifle regiment “Vostok”, the 7th separate motorized rifle brigade “Chistyakovskaya”, the 1st separate motorized rifle brigade “Slavyanskaya”, a separate reconnaissance battalion “Sparta”, a separate assault battalion “Somalia”, illegal armed groups “Rusichi”, “Wolf Hundred”, “Bryanka SSSR” and others.

“In accordance with Article 47 of the 1977 Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions for the Protection of Victims of War, they are mercenaries, and their actions are in violation of the International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries, adopted by the UN General Assembly on December 4, 1989 years “, – stressed in the department.

The actions of the mercenaries are qualified according to part 4 of article 447, part 3 of article 110, part 5 of article 260 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (deliberate actions committed with the aim of changing the borders of the territory or the state border of Ukraine in violation of the procedure established by the Constitution of Ukraine, as well as participation in the composition not provided for the law of armed formations in an attack on enterprises, institutions, organizations or citizens, which led to the death of people or other grave consequences).

The maximum sanction under these articles provides for life imprisonment.

Pre-trial investigation of offenses is carried out by investigators of the Main Investigation Department of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Earlier, the Office of the Prosecutor General has already registered criminal proceedings on the facts of the participation of 20 French, 16 Brazilians, Kyrgyz, Bosnians and Chileans in the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine.


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