over the past day, five cases have died

On August 7, the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Health reports that 514 new cases of coronavirus infection and 1,126 recoveries have been identified in the last 24 hours. Five cases have died. During the day, 2936 tests for coronavirus were carried out.

Most of the infected were detected in the Hebron area and in the vicinity of Jerusalem.

It is reported that there are 11 patients with COVID-19 in the intensive care unit, one of them is connected to a ventilator.

The following data are also given: 53.2% of those infected with the coronavirus recovered, 46.3% of those infected have not yet recovered, 0.5% have died.

No information was reported on the Gaza Strip over the past week.

This week, the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Health changed its reporting system for the coronavirus epidemic, stopping publishing the total number of people infected, the total number of those recovered and the total number of deaths.

According to, since the beginning of the epidemic in the PA, about 17 thousand people have become infected with the coronavirus, about 100 have died, about 9 thousand have recovered, about 8 thousand are currently infected.


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