Netflix movie heroine about teen rape and bullying committed suicide in us

In the United States, 23-year-old Daisy Coleman, the heroine of the Netflix documentary “Audrey and Daisy”, who was raped at the age of 14, committed suicide. “Medusa”… Daisy’s death was posted on Facebook by her mother, Melinda Coleman.

In January 2012, 14-year-old Daisy and her 13-year-old friend, who came to sleep with her, secretly went to a party with 17-year-old Matthew Barnett, a popular soccer team player from Daisy School in Maryville, Missouri. At a party where there were five young men, Barnett got Daisy drunk and, as the girl’s family later claimed, raped her. One of his friends filmed it, and the second raped her friend. After sex, the girls were taken to Daisy’s house. The friend, who was not drunk, was told to go to bed, promising that Daisy would come when she got sober. In the morning, Daisy’s mother found her on the porch of the house. She lay outside in a T-shirt for several hours at an air temperature below zero.

Daisy didn’t remember what happened. The mother suspected rape when she took her to the bathroom and undressed to wash and revive. The Coleman family went to the police on the same day. Barnett was charged with sexual assault (he claimed that sex was consensual), and his friend, who filmed everything on video, was sexually exploited by a minor. After that, some residents of Maryville, 12,000, began to persecute Daisy and her family. Daisy was forced to leave the school cheerleading team, and her mother was asked to leave the veterinary clinic where she worked.

A few months later, Attorney Robert Rice dropped the criminal charges against Barnett and his friend, citing lack of evidence. The Coleman family believed that Barnett’s influential grandfather, a member of the Missouri Legislature, had achieved the dismissal.

After the rape case was closed, the Coleman family was bullied even more. Melinda and her children moved to another city and put up their house in Maryville for sale. In the spring of 2013, when the family had already moved, the house burned down. The police never found out what caused the fire.

When Daisy’s story made it to the media, the case was referred to another attorney and went to trial. Barnett was found guilty of leaving a minor in danger (for leaving Daisy on the street at night) and given a two-year suspended sentence. He was never accused of rape. Two of his friends, who were involved in the case, were also not charged with criminal charges.

In 2016, Daisy starred in the Netflix documentary Audrey and Daisy, about teenagers facing sexual abuse and bullying. The second heroine of the film posthumously became 15-year-old Audrey Pott from California. She committed suicide in 2012, nine days after three teenagers raped her at a party and circulated a nude photo of her around the school.


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