Russia :: Weather forecast for August 8: hot, partly cloudy

According to the forecast of the Israel Meteorological Service, on Saturday, August 8, it will be hot and stuffy, especially in the eastern, southern and mountainous regions. Partly cloudy. Closer to evening the stuffiness will subside a little.

In Jerusalem – 21-32 degrees, in Tel Aviv – 26-31, in Haifa – 25-30, in Eilat – 29-41, in Beer Sheva – 21-36, in Mitspe Ramon – 20-33, on the coast of the Dead Sea – 32-41, in Ashkelon and Ashdod – 25-29, in Ariel – 21-31, in Tiberias and on the coast of Lake Kinneret – 25-39, in the Golan Heights – 21-34.

The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is 30 degrees, the wave height is 100-160 cm. Swimming is dangerous.

On the Mediterranean coast, in the Tel Aviv region, a westerly wind will blow (up to 30 km / h), in the Haifa region – a western wind (up to 30 km / h), in the area of ​​Lake Kinneret – a southwestern one (up to 30 km / h) , in the area of ​​the Gulf of Eilat – northern (up to 35 km / h).

On Sunday, temperatures are expected to drop and the heat load will ease. On Monday-Tuesday, light precipitation is possible in the north of the country.


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