“Only Netanyahu and Lapid want elections”

Defense Minister and head of the Kahol Lavan bloc Beni Gantz gave an interview to the Keshet TV channel. In an interview that was broadcast within the framework of the “Meetings with the Press” program, Benny Gantz reiterated that he would not compromise on the debate on the state budget.

“There is a coalition agreement. It is not easy, but it is it that provides the political and economic stability that the state needs today. And I do not intend to give up the demand for its implementation,” Gantz said. He added: “I do not want elections, I am convinced that nine million Israeli citizens do not want elections.

One person wants an election, maybe two: Benjamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid. “According to Gantz, he will remain at the head of the Cahol Lavan bloc before the next elections.” I am convinced that Yair Lapid will not be prime minister. For my part, I will continue to offer my services to the Israeli society, “Gantz said.

He added that he maintains a normal working relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “We both know what our differences are. I entered this government not for Bibi’s sake, not for myself, but for the sake of the State of Israel. This is what guides all my actions.”


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