right block leads, Gantz is more popular than Lapid

The Keshet TV channel has published the results of a poll conducted by the Midgam Institute. According to its results, if the elections to the Knesset were held today, the Likud would have won 31 manadat, which indicates the continuing weakening of the ruling party.

Yesh Atid – TELEM would have scored 18, Yamina – 16, the Joint Arab List – 15, Kahol Lavan – 11, Shas and Yaadut Ha-Torah – 8 each, NDI – 7, and Meretz – 6 mandates …

Parties “Labor”, “Derekh Erets”. “Byte Yehudi” and “Gesher” do not pass the electoral barrier.

According to the results of this poll, the right-wing religious bloc is gaining 63 mandates, the center-left, together with the United Arab List, is gaining 50 mandates. NDI dials 7.

The respondents were asked to answer the question of how they would vote if, instead of Benny Gantz, the Kahol Lavan bloc was headed by another former chief of the IDF General Staff Gadi Eisenkot. In this case, the voting picture remains practically unchanged. Only one mandate is being transferred from Yesh Atid – TELEM to Kahol Lavan: Yair Lapid’s bloc gains 17 mandates, and Gadi Eisenkot’s bloc 12. Note that Beni Gantz said in an interview with Keshet that he was not going to leave the post of head of the bloc. “I headed Kahol Lavan, I am in charge and will continue to lead,” he said.

The respondents were also asked who is more suitable for the post of prime minister. Between Benjamin Netanyahu and Beni Gantz, 38% named Netanyahu and 19% named Gantz.

Between Benjamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid, 43% named Netanyahu and only 18% named Lapid.

When it comes to the confrontation between Benjamin Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett, 36% prefer Netanyahu and 26% prefer Bennett.

42% of Israelis are convinced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to blame for the fact that early elections will be held in Israel again. Only 14% blame Benny Gantz for this, and 31% place equal responsibility on both leaders.


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