The championship of Russia has started. The unique CSKA of the XXI century won. Dzagoev scored and was injured

In the first match of the new season of the Russian Championship, CSKA defeated Khimki 2: 0. For the first time in the 21st century (more precisely, since 1999) there was not a single legionnaire in the starting lineup of the army.

After the break, an Icelander, a Croat and an Argentinian appeared in the army. Adolfo Gaich made his debut with CSKA.

On the 18th minute, Oblyakov shot from a distance. The ball hit the defender and bounced back to Konstantin Kuchaev, who scored the first goal of the new season 0: 1.

On the 30th minute, Alan Dzagoev shot wide of the goal from the goalkeeper’s line. In the 45th minute, Chalov sent the ball to the flank. Kuchaev shot through. Alan Dzagoev sent the ball to the far “six” 0: 2.

On the 52nd minute, Dzagoev stumbled and showed the coaches that he needed a replacement.

In the 88th minute the hosts could have distinguished themselves. Dyadyun shot from 18 yards. The ball hit the post from Akinfeev’s hand.

In the last seconds, Adolfo Gaich could have scored, but after his hit the ball hit the crossbar.


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