VZGLYAD / An expert from Poland pointed out the vulnerability of the Baltic states to Russia :: News of the day

Polish expert Piotr Shimansky said that medium-range air defense is a weak point of the Baltic countries in a possible confrontation with the Russian army.

“The Baltic states are betting on increasing the level of mobility of ground forces, their protection and firepower. For their territorial troops, anti-tank defense and irregular actions are important. However, there are major shortcomings in medium-range air defense, ”Shimansky said in an interview with Polske Radio. RIA Novosti.

This deficiency can be corrected with the help of military exercises, the expert is sure. He recalled that the Trident Juncture maneuvers were held in 2015 and 2018, they became the largest NATO exercises in the past 20 years.

Early August in the Baltic Sea started Russian naval exercises “Ocean Shield – 2020” with the participation of more than 30 ships. They involved naval aviation, coastal troops, air defense and marines.


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