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The ex-captain of the ship Rhosus, which transported ammonium nitrate to the port of Beirut, Boris Prokoshev, said that the explosion could not have happened by itself, for this an external influence was necessary.

“There was some external reason. Maybe a spark, maybe arson, an explosive device. There was some kind of external detonator, “Prokoshev said. RBK.

According to him, saltpeter, which was transported to the port several years ago, has been kept hermetically since the time of confiscation.

“The fact is that the saltpeter was in two bags: an airtight polyethylene bag, and it was also placed in another bag – a polypropylene bag, or something, so dense, plastic. Air and water did not enter there, ”the sailor explained.

Recall, in the area of ​​the seaport of Beirut near the Lebanese Navy base happened two powerful explosions, as a result of which suffered half of the city. Perished 154 people, about 5 thousand were injured, dozens of people are reported missing.

The explosion allegedly occurred during welding at a warehouse in the port of Beirut, where was kept cargo with 2.7 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate – ammonium nitrate.

At the same time, the saltpeter allegedly confiscated from the ship Rhosus, owned by Igor Grechushkin, a native of Khabarovsk.


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