VZGLYAD / The army began to clear the central square in Beirut from the protesters :: News of the day

The Lebanese army has arrived at the building of the Ministry of Economy in Beirut, which was occupied by protesters, according to local TV channels.

Military equipment was displayed in the center of Beirut, security forces are carrying out a sweep of protesters, RT reports in its telegram channels.

Protesters are still storming the ministry building, a task force of the Lebanese army has arrived at the scene, reports RIA Novosti.

A group of people amid ongoing riots are destroying documents and files in ministry buildings.

“After the storming of the ministries, the people who broke into it destroy, first of all, documents and dossiers,” he quotes TASS TV channel al Mayadeen.

“There is a plan to eliminate files related to corruption, starting in 1992,” the source said.

Local TV station MTV reported that a fire broke out in the building of the Lebanese Banks Association.

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab, addressing the people of the country amid the riots, promised to hold early parliamentary elections.

Protesters in Beirut have already occupied the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon, part of the protesters staged a symbolic “execution” of the country’s political leaders. Later has begun assault on three other ministries.

Anti-government rally in Beirut has begun on Saturday at 4 pm, demonstrators clashed with police outside the parliament building in the city center. It is reported that during the riots perished one law enforcement officer.


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