VZGLYAD / The resignation of the head of the American intelligence service was connected with the unwillingness to correct the report on Russia :: News of the day

American Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coates was dismissed in the summer of 2019 because he did not correct the report on Russia’s attempts to interfere in the US elections, writes the New York Times.

The publication spoke with 40 current and former US intelligence officials, lawmakers and their aides, in their opinion, the initial conclusion of the Coates report was that Russia allegedly prefers the re-election of Donald Trump to the presidency for a second term. TASS.

Coates was advised to change the report, but he refused, according to the newspaper’s interlocutors, after which he was fired after the presidential decree.

“Russian leaders probably believe that the chances of improving relations with the United States will diminish under a different US president,” the publication quotes from a summary of the final document.

Recall that for several years Russia has been accused of interfering in the electoral processes in the United States, including the presidential elections in 2016.

In April 2019, US Special Attorney Robert Mueller completed investigation “Russian interference” in the 2016 presidential elections. He concluded that the interference was was happening through social networks and using hacker attacks. At the same time, Mueller did not find collusion with Donald Trump’s team.


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