60% of Russians called 2020 the worst year


According to the results of the survey, it turned out that the best year 2020 was for 3% of the country’s residents. 61% of Russians gave the current year a grade from 1 to 4 points out of 10 possible, of which 28% awarded the year 1 point. 21% of respondents rated 2020 at 5 points.

That is, the Russians did not see any changes and differences from previous years. 18% of respondents gave a year from 6 to 10 points. Moreover, only 3% of them noted that the current year was the best in their life for them.

About 30% of those surveyed noted that the most difficult year for them in 2020 was job loss or layoff. Almost the same number of people noted the decrease in income as a “minus”, and 25% of Russia’s residents are experiencing a difficult period of the pandemic.

13% of respondents worried about their health, 8% worried about the inability to leave the country. 10% of people noted that they did not face any particular difficulties in 2020. The survey also showed that 45% of residents are looking forward to the end of the year. The rest do not rush things and believe that everything should go on as usual.



2020 was recognized as a bad year for several reasons. The main one is job loss or layoff. This factor was indicated in the survey by a third of the respondents. Almost the same number of participants reported that their income decreased in 2020. A quarter of Russians named the pandemic and the associated inconveniences as the main negative factor.

However, 47% of survey participants said that they have enough patience, and they would not want to speed up the time so that the year ends faster.

But this year also brought positive emotions for many, made it possible to make old dreams come true, for example, to relax on the seas or just make repairs in an apartment.

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