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The soldiers forced the rioters to leave the Lebanese Foreign Ministry building in Beirut, media reported.

The military broke into the building and drove out the demonstrators, reports TASS with reference to the Al-Jazeera channel.

Moreover, the source RIA Novosti in the security organs said that “the army has freed the building of the country’s Foreign Ministry from the protesters without meeting any resistance.”

Army units were also stationed outside the Energy Ministry building, demanding the demonstrators to voluntarily leave it.

The Lebanese Interior Ministry confirmed the death of a security officer during clashes with protesters in Beirut. He died after being attacked at the Le Gray Hotel.

The Arab Al-Hadass TV channel reports that the security forces mistakenly shot a Lebanese riot police officer. This was established as a result of a hot pursuit investigation.

The Lebanese Red Cross Society reports that 238 people were injured in the riots, 70 were hospitalized.

Recall that the Lebanese army also arrived to the building of the Ministry of the Housekeeper, which was stormed by the protesters.

Anti-government rally in Beirut has begun on Saturday at 4 pm, demonstrators clashed with police outside the parliament building in the city center.

Protesters demanded the resignation of the President of Lebanon and others from senior positions.


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