Oston Urunov: My father’s dream has come true

Oston Urunov has signed a long-term contract with Spartak Moscow. Our compatriot will play at number 20 in the new team. After joining the new team, the Uzbek legionnaire shared his impressions and opinions with Russian journalists. Please note the translation of this interview link we do

– How was you greeted at Spartak?
– There is a great team here, they were very well received. I hope to join the team sooner.

– What do you know about the club?
– Spartak is a national team, the most prize-winning club. My father always dreamed of playing for the Red and Whites.

– You recently came to Ufa. Fans in Russia know little about you. In what positions are you used to playing?
– I love working with the ball, it is comfortable for me to play in the center of the field. We’ll still see where the coaches put me.

– Shamil Gazizov invited you to Ufa, now he has invited you to Spartak. Are you happy to be at another club with him?
– He invited me from Uzbekistan to Ufa and gave me a chance. Now I want to justify his confidence here.

– Do you think that the transfer to Spartak will attract more attention to this team in Uzbekistan?
– Of course! About 35 million new fans of the Red and Whites have appeared. This means the entire population of Uzbekistan.
The transfer of Oston Urunov has been in the public spotlight as the most discussed topic. He received serious offers from leading clubs in Russia and abroad. Oston Urunov decided to continue his career at Spartak.

Experts say the team is preparing to fight for the championship in the new season. In any case, for now in the Russian Premier League we will enjoy the skills of our players such as Oston Urunov, Eldor Shomurodov and Jasur Jaloliddinov.

The participation of our legionnaires in foreign championships and the increase of experience and skills, first of all, will serve the interests of the national team of Uzbekistan, which is struggling to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. In addition, our players, who play in the top leagues of the Russian and Belarusian championships, play an important role in drawing the attention of European football experts to Uzbek football.



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