rallies in Jerusalem, Caesarea and on bridges

On Saturday, August 8, rallies against the government and the prime minister were held in Jerusalem, Caesarea, as well as in many localities in Israel and on bridges over highways.

In Jerusalem, not far from the residence of the head of government on Balfour Street, a protest was held in which thousands of people took part. According to media reports, the number of participants was 10-15 thousand people. In turn, according to representatives of the organization “Black Flags”, the rally was attended by twice as many demonstrators than last week. Then, according to the organizers, the number of demonstrators was at least 30,000, while the media reported about 15,000

Demonstrators on Balfour Street raised posters “Bibi to Prison”, Crime Minister and “Out of touch, you are tired.”

The police blocked traffic on the streets adjacent to the demonstration area. No incidents or clashes between the protesters and the police were reported.

Earlier, several hundred protesters held a protest near the Prime Minister’s house in Caesarea. The protesters chanted “Capital and power are the underworld”, “Bibi – home” and raised posters of protest against Benjamin Netanyahu. Similar rallies took place on bridges over various highways.

The police in Eilat received a complaint, according to which unknown persons threw liquid at the demonstrators in the city. Nobody was hurt in this incident.

Note that the protest demonstrations have been taking place for the seventh week in a row.


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