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The US supports the right of Lebanese people to protest peacefully, the US Embassy in Beirut said.

It is noted that Washington “supports” the Lebanese people “in their right to peaceful protest,” reports TASS.

According to the United States, the people of Lebanon “have suffered too much and deserve leaders who listen to them and change course in response to popular demands for transparency and accountability.”

At the same time, the embassy called on “all those involved to avoid violence.”

Al-Manar channel reports that about 490 people were injured during the protests.

Recall, in the area of ​​the port of Beirut happened two powerful explosions, as a result of which suffered half of the city. Rescue work is underway in the city. At the same time, riots broke out in Beirut, the participants of which storm and seize government buildings.

Russian journalists and bloggers reacted sharply on the riots, pointing out that now it is necessary to provide assistance to victims of the explosions, and not create an additional burden on hospitals, which are already overwhelmed.


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