In response to “fire terror”, the IDF Air Force attacked a Hamas facility in Gaza

On the night of August 10, the Israeli Air Force attacked the Hamas terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. Around midnight, Palestinian sources reported active Israeli aircraft and drones flying over the sector.

The Palestinian News Agency tweeted messages that strikes are being made on targets in the northern part of the enclave.

According to the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, about 1,000 dunams of vegetation in southern Israel were destroyed in the latest wave of “fire terror”.

On the evening of August 9, journalist of the Keshet-12 TV channel Nir Dvori reported that Defense Minister Beni Gantz and Chief of the General Staff Aviv Kohavi had held a meeting on the situation on the border with Gaza. According to the information he published, the meeting decided to give a “tough response” to the ongoing “fiery terror”, even if this would lead to an additional escalation of the conflict on the border with Gaza.

The Israel Defense Forces press service reported that the IDF air force attacked Hamas observation posts in the north of the Gaza Strip.


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