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Азиатской конфедерации бокса

Photo by Asian Boxing Confederation. Akhmed Usupov (left) at the Asian Championships. Mongolia, 2019

Akhmed Usupov is one of the most promising boxers in Kyrgyzstan. During his short career, he won four gold medals at the Kyrgyz Republic championships and two bronze at the Asian Championships. He won in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Which of the titled boxers helps him to comprehend the secrets of this sport, how many kilograms is his punching force and why the prolonged pause in the season did not diminish his enthusiasm, the 19-year-old Bishkek resident said 24.kg.

His height is 190 centimeters, weight is 105 kilograms. Performs among young people in the category over 91 kilograms. Represents the Family Sport club.

Champion genes

– Who are you so big at?

– In the grandfather and father. They are masters of sports of the USSR in freestyle wrestling and coaches. Father also conducts boxing classes, participates in sumo competitions.

– Did your father bring you to boxing?

– Yes. I gave it to my friend Daniyar Dzhusubaliev. Besides him, I now have one more coach – Akyikat Abaev. Accompanying on foreign trips.

As a child, I practiced judo for two years, was the champion of the Kyrgyz Republic and Bishkek. At the age of 15, I wanted to try something new. I liked the boxing immediately. This is my sport. From the very beginning I play among the heavyweights. To date, I have spent about 70 fights. Won 55-60.

– Enough sparring partners?

– There are very few boxers of my age and weight in Kyrgyzstan. Sparring partners are usually older and more massive. The most famous and experienced are Chyngyz Borbashev and Sergey Parenko. I learned a lot of interesting things from them.

Strength and skill

– Heavyweight fights are considered dangerous. Have you been injured?

– In the semifinals of one of the championships of the Kyrgyz Republic, he broke his right thumb. Despite this, he took first place.

It happens that opponents inflict the most dangerous blows. Not so much because of their skill as because of the weight. You need to be able to defend yourself.

– In Bishkek, there are power meters in some places. Experienced them?

– Once. The result is 920 kilograms.

– Do you have a signature blow?

– I make a deceptive movement with my left hand and immediately strike a straight blow with my right.

Away from home

– What trip was especially memorable?

– To Hungary for the 2018 World Cup. There were athletes from all over the planet. It was a new level of boxing for me. Became the fifth. In the quarterfinals, he lost to the Russian – the world, European and Youth Olympic champion.

I liked the location of the tournament. Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to.

– What was the most difficult battle?

– In the semifinals of the open championship of Uzbekistan – 2018. I defeated the reigning champion. In recent years it has been one of the leading countries in boxing. Her athletes are strong in all age groups.

In Uzbekistan, in addition to the championship, he won an international tournament. He won two gold and bronze medals in Kazakhstan. This is also a boxing power.

– You have two bronzes of the Asian Championships. At what cost were they given?

– The first CHA among youths was held in 2017 in the Philippines. It was hard for me psychologically: my debut in the big ring and even so far from home. At the start, I met with an Iranian. Seeing him, I experienced a shock. He seemed almost twice my size! I beat him thanks to speed and technique. When the referee raised my hand at the end, I experienced an incredible sensation.

In 2019, I went to Mongolia for the CHA among youth. I prepared for a long time. I counted on gold, but lost to the Korean in the semifinals. I had a little lack of experience, I made a mistake in something. I will fix the bugs.

Sources of motivation

– Since March, sports life in the Kyrgyz Republic has stopped. Some of the halls are still closed. How do you keep fit?

– I train in the yard of our house. In the morning we run with my father. When he leaves for work, I do gymnastics. In the evening my father holds his paw – I practice the blows. I thank my father for his introduction to boxing and support. He taught me a lot. Before the 2019 CHA, he traveled with me to the training camp, complemented the training program. It came in handy.

At the beginning of the year, I became the champion of the Kyrgyz Republic in the under-21 category and got a ticket to Tashkent for the Asian Championship. It was going to be held in October, but it will probably be postponed until next year. In the fall, I will probably go to Russia for the CIS student games. Preparing for them. Despite the crisis, I consistently receive a scholarship from the state. Sometimes sponsors buy me clothes. Trainers value me. Mom helps morally. There is an incentive to pursue a career.


Photo @kyrgyzstanboxing. Akhmed Usupov (right) with partners in the youth team

– Do you miss your teammates?

– We are in touch. On Sundays we go to the mountains and waterfalls, we have picnics.

I communicate with the guys from the youth and adult teams. We often held joint training camps.

– What else are you doing?

– I’m studying to be a boxing coach at the Academy of Physical Culture and Sports. When I finish my career, I want to open a gym and share my knowledge with children.

I have little coaching experience. Last season there was a break for two months, and I was assigned a group of young boxers. I liked the work.

Window to Paris

– Have you fought with adults?

– Twice. In the fall of 2019, he won the Bishkek championship and became the bronze medalist of the Kyrgyz Republic championship. The last tournament had a hard time – I competed with unfamiliar, very technical boxers.

There is a change of generations in the men’s team. No matter how difficult it is, you need to regularly compete with adults and earn a place in its composition. I plan to perform at the next championships of the city and the republic and the Duishenkul Shopokov memorial.

– What is your main goal?

– Become an Olympic champion. It will be great to get to the 2021 Games in Tokyo. I stake on the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

из личного архива

Photo from personal archive. Akhmed Usupov out of competition

– Who is your idol?

– Mike Tyson. I respect him for his character. He recently decided to return to the ring after a 15-year hiatus. I look forward to the next fight.

– Do you want to try yourself among professionals?

– In 5-10 years, if a good contract is offered.



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