National Statistical Committee recorded a decrease in remittances to Kyrgyzstan »Economy»

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The National Statistical Committee summed up the results of the five months of 2020.

According to the ministry, over the reporting period, $ 699.3 million was sent to Kyrgyzstan from abroad. As noted in the National Statistical Committee, this is the lowest figure in the last five years.

Remittances to Kyrgyzstan for five months in 2020 amounted to $ 699.3 million. 97 percent of transfers are made to Russia. Kyrgyzstanis working in the Russian Federation sent $ 679.8 million to their homeland.

A sharp decline in 2020 was noted by the extras in April, when only $ 76.3 million was sent to Kyrgyzstan. For comparison, in April 2019, transfers to the Kyrgyz Republic amounted to $ 200.1 million.

The National Statistical Committee takes into account only money transfers of individuals through transfer systems.



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