Russia :: Süddeutsche Zeitung on attack on a synagogue in Halle: death from a 3D printer

“Stefan B. * committed an attempted murder in Halle using improvised weapons – this is a new phenomenon for Germany. The authorities are alarmed, the government does not see the need for action,” writes the German edition Southgerman newspaper.

“He wants to prove that it is possible. So Stefan B. wrote in his manifesto, which he published on the Internet before attacking the synagogue in Halle. To prove that he can commit such an act alone with the help of homemade weapons,” – the journalists Florian Flade and Georg Mascolo tell.

“The bloodshed that Stefan B. was going to arrange on October 9, 2019, fortunately did not take place. He kept having problems loading weapons – and the heavy wooden door to the synagogue turned out to be strong. However, the right-wing extremist killed two people (… ) “, – the edition reminds.

“Stefan B. made his own weapons. Using instructions from the Internet, from metal elements he bought in online stores and on Ebay – and from plastic parts that he 3D-printed. The Anet A8 printer was later confiscated by investigators as evidence, having found it in a closet in B.’s father’s house, “the article says.

“This is the first time in Germany that a terrorist has killed people with firearms that were made using a 3D printer. An alarm, including for the security forces.”

“3D printing technology, which is becoming more sophisticated and low-cost, makes it easier for more and more people to illegally manufacture and acquire weapons. This can carry significant risks,” warns Michael Mertens, deputy chairman of the police union. At the moment, however, the government has no plans to do anything to combat the manufacture of weapons using 3D printers. ”

“The inventor of weapons using a 3D printer is considered an American Cody Wilson,” the newspaper writes. “The self-styled” crypto-anarchist “introduced a simple single-shot firearm in 2013. It consisted of 16 components, only one part, the drummer, was made of metal All other elements Wilson made of plastic using a 3D printer. (…) Wilson promotes the right to make and own a gun for everyone. He posted a manual on how to make it freely on the Internet. Today there are many instructions, with with which you can even make automatic machines. “

“Interestingly, the homemade weapon of the Halle terrorist in the US has sparked a broader discussion than in Germany. While German security agencies often cite the weapon’s unlikely to work, American terrorism researcher Bruce Hoffman emphasizes (… ) that the fact that the new method did not work without problems the first time cannot be interpreted as the absence of a threat. The first homemade bombs of Islamist terrorists did not explode at some point, but the attackers are persistent in learning. The phase of failure is often followed by a phase of successful training, “reports edition.

However, the German government sees no need for further action, pointing out that 3D-printed weapons are subject to the gun law and require permission to manufacture and store them.

“However, the deputy chairman of the police trade union Michael Mertens sees opportunities for action. He proposes to prohibit the distribution of instructions for the manufacture of weapons or the corresponding software for 3D printers. for 3D printing to prevent their products from making weapons that could fall into the wrong hands, “says Mertens. It is also possible to set a print lock so that the 3D printer software recognizes the patterns of the weapon parts and prevents them from being printed.”

“Similar technology is already being used in color printers and photocopiers, making it more difficult to reproduce banknotes. It would also probably be possible to mark plastic parts so that at least it is clear on which printer the weapon components were made,” writes Süddeutsche Zeitung.

* Stefan Ballet (most of the German media still do not publish the last name)


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