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A Russians’ view of Turkmenistan
14.02.2010 23:18

ASHKHABAT, 14 February – IP “TURKMENinform”. The Ashkhabad Museum of Fine Arts holds a photo exhibition of works of Turkmen photocorrespondents and officials of the Embassy of Russian Federation in Turkmenistan. The exhibition organised by the Ministry of Culture and Tele-radiobroadcasting of Turkmenistan together with the Russian Embassy is timed to the Day of National Flag of Turkmenistan (February 19) and the Diplomat’s Day (celebrated in Russia on February 10).

Visitors can see works of the Russian Embassy officials Olga Sokol, Evgeny Levkoev, Vladimir Nestoyanov and Alexander Kuznetsov devoted to everyday life and holidays of Turkmenistan, Turkmen historical monuments, its nature and people.

IP “TURKMENinform”


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