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“Puppet theater has always been and will be needed. This is the foundation of all other theaters. And it is from the puppet theater that the upbringing of children, its first spectators, begins, ”said the chief director of the Uzbek State Puppet Theater Khatam Akhunov at a press conference dedicated to the anniversary of the founder of the national puppet theater.

According to him, it is the dolls that are the first to tell children about good and evil and that only through work, conscientiousness and purity can you achieve something in life. It is with dolls that life begins.

Let us remind you that the II International Festival of Puppet Theaters “Tak Teke” started in Kyrgyzstan on May 26, which will last until May 29. The forum is being held for the second time, with the participation of creative teams from Uzbekistan, Russia and Kazakhstan. It is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of the Soviet playwright and puppet theater director, Honored Art Worker of the Kyrgyz SSR Viktor Shvemberger.

The festival presents the best performances of puppeteers, calling for love, morality and culture, and becomes a bridge of friendship and exchange of experience between puppeteers from different countries.



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