In the Czech Republic destroyed the document about the explosions in Vrbetica, in which Russian military intelligence was suspected

The office of Czech President Milos Zeman destroyed a secret document of the Czech counterintelligence about explosions at a military warehouse in Vrbetica, in which the Czech authorities suspect members of the Russian military intelligence (GRU) to be involved. This was reported on Saturday by Czech Radio. The disappearance of a document that counterintelligence had previously handed over to President Milos Zeman became known after the police decided to check if someone who did not have the appropriate clearance had studied the secret document – in particular, some of Zeman’s close associates did not have it. Representatives of the Chancellery told Czech Radio that the secret document was destroyed by mistake – along with other documents that were supposed to be destroyed. The official statement from the office, however, does not mention the error – it says that all documents were destroyed in accordance with the procedure. The president himself has not yet commented on the incident. The document was handed over to Zeman last April, shortly before the Czech government officially announced that it suspected Russians of the bombings. The document allegedly explained why suspicions fell on Alexander Mishkin and Anatoly Chepiga (also known as Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov, the same people suspected by British authorities of poisoning Sergei and Yulia Skripal). The Czech parliament’s security committee has already said it will consider whether Zeman’s entourage violated the law. President Zeman, who is considered a pro-Russian politician, at one time officially supported the accusations leveled against Russian intelligence, but at the same time stated that there were other versions of the events in Vrbetici. Because of this, he was criticized by many Czech politicians. Explosions at an armory in Vrbetica occurred in autumn 2014. As a result, 2 people were killed and a lot of material damage was caused. Russia categorically denies involvement in the explosions. .


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