A bookstore of the Black Hundred publishing house will open in the center of Moscow

The publishing house's bookstore will open in the center of Moscow "Black hundred"The publishing house's bookstore will open in the center of Moscow "Black hundred"

The grand opening of the first Moscow store “Foliage”, which will be part of the structure of the publishing house “Chernaya Sotnya”, is scheduled for August 8 on Zhukovsky Street in the Chistye Prudy area. The publishing house informs about this on its website.

The Black Hundred publishes books with nationalist ideology, as well as books devoted to the armed conflict in Donbass and the so-called Russian Spring: The Code of the Russian Officer, Why the RF is not Russia, Mozgovoy, 85 Days of Slavyansk, Notes of the terrorist “volunteer Vitaly Africa”, two-volume “The Reign of Nicholas II”. In addition, the bookstore will have a lecture hall with 50 seats, where meetings are promised “with authors, cultural workers and politicians.” Similar lectures are already being held in the shop of the publishing house in St. Petersburg.

The organizers also promise to treat visitors to “Black Hundred cider”, and in the future – to wines in the bar with branded snacks.

The literature published by the “Black Hundred” is not included in the lists of extremist, symbolism is also not prohibited, although an image of an eagle, reminiscent of the coat of arms of the Third Reich, is used as a logo. “Open Media”.

Nikolai Svanidze, a member of the Presidential Council for Human Rights, studied the content of the publishing house’s website and a list of published books. According to him, the organization’s ideas clearly contain references to the ideology of the Black Hundreds, adapted to modern realities. “The guys are quite obscurant, their degree of radicalism is determined by the degree of permissibility determined by the authorities,” says historian and journalist Nikolai Svanidze. “Judging by their website, they are full-fledged heirs of the Black Hundred, which participated in Jewish pogroms a hundred years ago, killed women and children “.

The publishing house was founded several years ago by Dmitry Bastrakov and Nikita Lukinsky, students from Nizhny Novgorod. On the personal page of Bastrakov there are photographs of him with weapons in company with the leaders of the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR, for example, with a retired FSB colonel and former DPR Minister of Defense Igor Strelkov.

According to the Kontur-Focus database, Bastrakov was the director of the Mininskaya Sotnia company in Nizhny Novgorod, whose net profit for 2018 amounted to only 31 thousand rubles. Obviously, this amount would not be enough to open several bookstores-lecture halls: the monthly rent of a similar room in the same building where the bookstore will be located in Moscow is at least 200 thousand rubles.

Dmitry Bastrakov told Open Media that the symbolism used by the store has nothing to do with Nazi and is stylized as a computer game Warhammer. He calls the name of the publishing house “deliberate outrageous”. “We are named after the Black Hundreds of Minin and Pozharsky. For us, the Black Hundred is a centuries-old symbol of the Russian civil movement of the middle class. References to the pogrom-mongers of the early 20th century are deliberate shocking, but it is also important to remember that the Black Hundreds are not only pogrom-mongers. in the Soviet paradigm, the “Black Hundred” sounds unambiguously negative, “Bastrakov says.

He does not see anything alarming in the opening of the “Black Hundred” shop and a member of the Moscow City Duma Commission on Culture and Mass Communications, editor-in-chief of the united editorial board, which includes Vesti FM, Mayak and Radio Kultura, Andrei Medvedev (elected to the Moscow City Duma under support of the city authorities). “Since when has it become illegal to be a Russian Orthodox conservative in our country?” Medvedev wonders. “The publishing house publishes a lot of historical literature that has been published before, and the events in Donbass are also a reality that must be recognized and covered. If you follow the path of prohibitions , it will not lead to good “.

However, sad historical parallels are emerging, Nikolai Svanidze believes. “And today, as well as a hundred years ago, organizations of this kind enjoy the unofficial approval of the current government,” he summed up.

“Black Hundred” is a common name for the right-wing radical organizations of the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 20th century. With the unofficial approval of the authorities, the Black Hundreds participated in pogroms directed against social groups with revolutionary views (students, workers), as well as against the Jewish population. The Black Hundreds acted under the pretext of defending Orthodoxy and autocracy, calling themselves “truly Russian.” They created the appearance of nationwide support for the monarchy by sending loyal telegrams to the tsar. After the February Revolution of 1917 and the collapse of the autocracy, the Black Hundred movement quickly came to naught.


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