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Vyacheslav Andreev: I will forever remain Kyrgyz in any country of the world »People and Fates»

Sometimes they return … In the first years after the collapse of the Union, hundreds of thousands of citizens left Kyrgyzstan. Among them there were many professionals in different fields, who are not equal in the country. Honored coach of the Kyrgyz Republic, ex-mentor of the men’s and women’s national basketball teams Vyacheslav Andreev kept afloat for a long time. But once I realized: the homeland is not needed. And he left for permanent residence in Kaliningrad. Two years have passed since then. He recently came to visit and told IA «» about life in a new place.

Thirst for work

“I am 60 years old, and over the years, the feeling of nostalgia intensifies,” says Vyacheslav Ivanovich. – I got off the plane, saw the mountains, and my heart was pounding in my chest. So many memories! Although, it would seem, he was absent not so long …

It is difficult to obtain citizenship in Russia. There are, of course, regions where this is easy. But I went to the most European part, where my family had lived for several years. Received a passport in eight months and began to draw up documents for retirement. The experience that he gained in independent Kyrgyzstan was not taken into account when calculating the pension, only during the Soviet era. Problems with some stamps and help. He spat on everything and agreed to a minimum pension of 8.8 thousand rubles. This question doesn’t really bother me. After all, I am able-bodied and professionally have not yet said the last word. I want, I can and I will work. “

I have an idea

“When I came to Kaliningrad and started looking for a job, I heard conversations:“ He is soon 60 years old, why is he needed? ” As soon as I started, everyone understood what I was. Coached by a semi-professional club – a participant in the regional championship. He taught the children a variety of tactical techniques, and they began to play with noticeable enthusiasm.

During the tournament, coaches from Kazakhstan and Lithuania joined other teams. We started to change the face of basketball there. Even the judges admitted: the games became more interesting. When I arrived, we were in fourth place in the standings. At the end of the season, we won silver.

I was admitted to the local basketball federation and, as part of the regional delegation, was sent to Moscow for the election of the president of the federation of this sport of the Russian Federation. I met with delegates from all over the vast country. Feelings as if he returned to the Soviet Union!

To be honest, the level of basketball in the Kaliningrad region is not very good. To improve it, he suggested that the federation organize an open championship in Kaliningrad, where teams from neighboring countries – Poland, Lithuania and Belarus – would participate. At first they got interested in the idea. However, it was not possible to implement it due to financial difficulties.

It’s hard in Russia now. Less funds are allocated for basketball than before. Over time, I think it will get better. “

Baltic coast

“Kaliningrad is a small city, but very beautiful, with many old German buildings. I live in the center, by the river. Often I take a rod and go fishing. A little further off, a stadium is being built to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup matches. I’ll try to watch them from the roof of my house. And the roads are gorgeous! You can fall asleep while driving, ”laughs Vyacheslav Andreev.

“I haven’t missed a single World Volleyball League match. I went to the performance of the KVN team from Kyrgyzstan. Tickets are expensive, but not a pity for fellow countrymen.

The border is open. You have been living in the region for three years, and you are given a special card that allows you to travel 150 kilometers deep into neighboring countries. When my friends want to watch the matches of the elite European basketball league with the participation of the clubs “Zalgiris” and “Lietuvos Rytas” (Lithuania), they easily get there by car. Although you can watch it on TV. In Russia, sports are well covered: they show competitions in all types, covering both adults and youth.

But I don’t like the climate. Weather has a negative impact on health. In this regard, I am much more comfortable in the Kyrgyz Republic than in Russia.

In Kaliningrad, I have probably already worn out everyone with my Kyrgyzstan. I tell only the best about my homeland. For example, how great it is in Issyk-Kul. All my life has passed here! And now, when I walk through the streets of Bishkek again, I feel: this is mine. There are no such sensations on the Baltic coast. Although there he managed to plant flowers and trees – a favorite pastime.

In Russia I meet many fellow countrymen – teammates and pupils. I tell everyone: I am Kyrgyz and I will stay with them.

Over the years, a person begins to think more about the consequences than about the goal. Previously, he did not feel sorry for himself or people. He walked and pierced the wall with his forehead. And now I stop and go around it. Not seeing any prospects in the Kaliningrad club, I decided to try myself elsewhere. It is difficult to say whether he regretted leaving the Kyrgyz Republic. 50 to 50. I had to either leave earlier, or live here until the end. ”

Not a day without sports

“I am closely following the sports life of the Kyrgyz Republic. I learn the latest news from colleagues and friends by phone and the Internet, I read online resources. For example, in 2015 I was glad that the country had a football boom. The basketball tournament “Nooruz” is alive, at the origins of which we stood with our colleagues. While living in the Kyrgyz Republic, I supported teams from Russia. Now it’s the other way around!

I learned that a new basketball hall has recently appeared in Bishkek. Arriving, I immediately went there. By foreign standards, it is not bad, but for Kyrgyzstan it is absolutely magnificent. Based on the class schedule, basketball is played there all day. I hope this sport in the Kyrgyz Republic will now develop by leaps and bounds. If only it did not work out, as with some other objects, where tournaments were first held, and then they began to arrange exhibitions and other commercial events.

I visited several matches of the national championship, watched my pupils. There are a lot of guys in the ranks, whom I trained from scratch. Of those who are older, one of the most promising is Robert Pan. My last set (boys and girls born in 1999) is now being trained by class specialists – Shakir Kuranbaev and Irina Shirobokova.

I came to the Kyrgyz Republic to rest, go to Issyk-Kul and see good friends. They greeted me with great warmth. He promised many people to hold a master class at school. But, alas, we never met the president of the local basketball federation.

I did not rule out the option that I would find a job here. I would like to pass on my knowledge to local youth. But I realized: bad times, we need not professionals, but lackeys. I turned to the federation and offered to help with the preparation of young players. They were not interested in the services of a specialist with 35 years of experience. They are writing a new history of Kyrgyz basketball, and I have no place in it. Although this history knows many glorious moments even after the collapse of the USSR.

But the major league clubs of Kazakhstan and Egypt showed interest. While in Bishkek, he negotiated with their agents and chose the option with the neighboring republic. Once upon a time I already worked in the Republic of Kazakhstan, I have maintained good relations with the local teams and players. It’s nice that they haven’t forgotten me. I will continue to share my experience with basketball players far from my homeland, ”concluded Vyacheslav Andreev.



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