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Kazakh Health Ministry has combined the statistical data on patients diagnosed with coronavirus and pneumonia. Starting August 1, the overall statistics now includes both COVID-19 and pneumonia cases. The relevant ministry will now work according to the latest standards of the World Health Organization, Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy stated at a press briefing.

“You know, according to the WHO recommendation, we made a decision to combine the statistics on coronavirus and pneumonia from August 1. Many are wondering why the WHO announced this on July 18, and Kazakhstan begins combining statistics only from August 1? There is only one reason for that: we needed at least two weeks to develop a coding algorithm and instructions to ensure the accuracy of patient record system, as well as configure the current information system and train all health personnel throughout the country to correctly enter new data,” Tsoy explained.

He said that this was an overly complex and energy-consuming process. While everything is clear with the data on patients with the positive PCR-based COVID-19 test results, the data on pneumonia cases is more complicated.

“We were faced with the task of teaching doctors in this short time to identify the symptoms of so-called coronavirus pneumonia and to correctly record them. We completed this work and are now ready to record all cases according to the latest WHO standards,” Tsoy stressed.

In addition, he stated that the epidemiological situation in Kazakhstan has stabilized. Tsoy said that tightening of sanitary requirements played an important role here. In the past three weeks, the rise of coronavirus infection rates has significantly decreased in almost all regions of the country.

“We can say with full confidence that the situation with coronavirus in Kazakhstan has stabilized. The peak has passed, and our goal is to maintain the positions that were achieved with great hardship for all our people, for the entire health care system,” Tsoy said.

The positive dynamics is also observed in the area of emergency medical care. While the number of ambulance calls in Kazakhstan reached 30,000 at the end of June, in the past two weeks this figure has halved.

“To date, the hospitals are occupied only by 34 percent. This was also achieved by increasing the total bed capacity, which expanded to 48,997 beds. In seven regions of Kazakhstan, nearly 15 hospitals with a capacity of 1,980 beds were closed and re-profiled,” Tsoy concluded.



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