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Situation with the COVID-19 incidence has stabilized in the country, Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy stated at a press briefing. He said that to date 67 percent of coronavirus patients have recovered from the dangerous disease. West Kazakhstan region, Almaty region, Turkistan region, Akmola region, Mangystau region and Nur-Sultan are the areas that are doing better than others.


“In the last 24 hours alone, 672 people reported to have recovered from the disease. And such good figures are slowly growing,” Tsoy said.


To date, there are more than 92,000 COVID-19 cases in Kazakhstan. Nearly 30,000 of them are now undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, the lives of 1,058 patients could not be saved. Nearly 1,400 new cases are registered in the country every day. However, Tsoy said that this figure will soon be noticeably declining.


“Our goal is to maintain the positions that were achieved with great hardship for all our people, for the entire health care system,” Tsoy said.


He also informed that the entire health care system is now preparing for the autumn period.


“We know and we are preparing for a possible fall peak. The beds that were deployed are now in our reserve. Ventilators are being purchased and mobile medical systems are also being used now. Oxygen concentrators, tests, and personal protective equipment (PPE) – everything is under control now and accumulating in volume, so the situation here is completely under control. I think that we have a real hope that we will go through the autumn period well,” Tsoy said.



Photo:  24.kz


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