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According to the website of Nur-Sultan Mayoral Office, unemployed residents of the Kazakh capital can get free training in demanded professions. In addition, they will receive a stipend.

Vocational training for the unemployed residents under the ‘Yenbek’ state program is organized at the request of employers and will provide subsequent employment. The Kazakh capital’s employment center conducts preliminary registration for participation in the program. Retraining will be carried out in the following professions.

“The list of professions includes a cook, baker, pastry chef, seamstress, tailor, hairdresser, cashier, animation and video graphics, assistant educator, furniture assembler, paint shop foreman on wood, fitter, assembler, gas equipment operation and repair technician, gas electric welder, electric fitter and electric welder on  a semi-automatic machine,” the mayor’s office stated.

155 places have been opened for participation in short-term vocational training under the ‘Yenbek’ state program. Its duration depends on the characteristics of qualifications and skills and lasts from one to three months. The training is conducted in educational institutions with elements of dual learning.

“Participation requires a permanent or temporary registration in Nur-Sultan and no active or suspended individual entrepreneur registration or LLP. Program participants are provided with state support and stipend in the amount of 21,787 tenge (US$52) paid during the period of study, as well as financial assistance for undergoing a medical examination in the amount of 5,556 tenge (US$13),” reported the Employment Center in Nur-Sultan. 


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