Uzbekistan admits that the number of deaths from coronavirus is higher than official statistics

It was recognized that the number of deaths from coronavirus in Uzbekistan is much higher than official statistics.

“There is a discrepancy between the number of deaths reported in official statistics and the number of deaths in real life,” Professor Khabibulla Akilov, a member of the headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, said during a briefing in Tashkent on August 3.

According to him, if patients die with confirmed results of the analysis of coronavirus infection, they are included in the mortality statistics. In other cases, pneumonia is considered the cause of death.

“Some patients who were taken home in critical condition without test analysis while trying to be treated at home die within 1-2 days. If they have not been clinically analyzed and confirmed, and are not included in the statistics of the coronavirus, they are considered dead from pneumonia, ”said Khabibulla Akilov.

To date, 161 people have officially died from the coronavirus in Uzbekistan. However, independent sources claim that the death toll is much higher than official statistics.

At the same time, in neighboring Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, deaths from coronavirus and pneumonia were combined in statistics. The reason is that the pneumonia is caused by the coronavirus.



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