We hide deaths from COVID-19

According to doctor of Alat district of Bukhara region, On July 31 and August 1, two people with COVID-19 died in the area, and a total of 18 people became victims of the coronavirus throughout the area. However, rthe chief physician of the medical association of Alat region denied this information. He said “Freedom”, what there have been no coronavirus deaths in the area. Representative Bukhara regional headquarters for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 said that from anyth information about the sick and deaths from coronavirus can be found in materials published Republican headquartersohm to combat coronavirus.

In his audio message sent to the editorial office of Ozodlik, a doctor from the Alat region, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of being fired from his job, as he is the only breadwinner in the family, described the situation with coronavirus infection in the region as follows:

“The peak of the coronavirus in our area was on 8 July. On the same day, five local residents with all signs of coronavirus and pneumonia were hospitalized in the infectious diseases department of the district hospital. Until today, 60 or more people have been hospitalized in the hospital with symptoms of COVID-19, of which 18 patients have died. “

In his audio message, the Alat doctor claims that six patients died from the coronavirus between July 31 and August 1. He added that when the deceased were buried, sanitary and epidemiological requirements were not met.

“The bodies of the deceased had to be wrapped in a material soaked in disinfectant chlorine solution. They were supposed to be buried by special services, ”a doctor from the Alat region says in his audio message.

According to the doctor, only 4-5 out of 60 infected patients were diagnosed with COVID-19.

Explaining the reasons for this condition, the doctor says the following:

“The coronavirus test was not taken from all patients, and even if it was taken, it was wrong. The test results came out within six or more days. Secondly, if a patient was treated and died from the coronavirus, then doctors and other medical personnel who treated these patients are entitled to a salary increase and compensation. “

In his audio message, the doctor listed a number of shortcomings in the fight against COVID-19 coronavirus infection in the Alat region.

Here are some of them:

• from the day the pandemic began, none of the leaders of the Alat region visited the hospital;

• no disinfection work has been carried out in the area over the last month;

• A number of doctors and the rest of the medical staff were infected with the coronavirus, but in the absence of compensation payments they were not diagnosed with coronavirus, as a result of which the doctors themselves became carriers of the virus.

According to a doctor from Alat region, not all deaths from a new type of coronavirus are reflected in official statistics – the real numbers are hidden.

“People need to know the truth about the real situation. This would have more impact on them than a call to maintain social distance, ”he says.

Earlier, Ozodlik, referring to data obtained from different regions of Uzbekistan, has repeatedly reported that not all deaths from coronavirus are reflected in official statistics.

However, the head physician of the medical association of the Alat region, Rustam Kusainov, having heard from the Ozodlik journalist the information voiced by the Alat doctor, denied all the information.

– To date, there are no more than 60 people infected with coronavirus in the district hospital. There are patients quarantined with suspected coronavirus, and those who are being examined, as well as patients with colds and fever, says Rustam Khusainov.

The head physician did not respond to the journalist’s request to voice the exact number of people infected with coronavirus in the Alat region, adding the following:

– We do not yet have patients with confirmed coronavirus and people who have died from COVID-19. There are now 15 patients with suspected coronavirus. The first patients with a positive diagnosis have already recovered.

Further, the chief physician of the medical association of the Alat region, Rustam Kusainov, did not want to continue the conversation with the journalist of Ozodlik and advised him to contact the Bukhara regional headquarters for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 for detailed information.

However, the regional headquarters also refused to voice information about the exact number of people infected and died from coronavirus in the Alat region, recommending contacting the Republican Special Commission for Combating Coronavirus.

“All information is sent to the Republican Special Commission, you can get answers to all questions only there,” two representatives of the Bukhara regional headquarters for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection told the Ozodlik journalist.

According to the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, as of midnight on August 2, a total of 876 people were infected with coronavirus infection in the Bukhara region, 727 of them recovered, 6 patients died.

Since the situation described in the official data is very different from the situation reported by the doctor from the Alat region, the Ozodlik journalist decided to familiarize the doctor from Fergana with the content of the audio message.

A doctor from Fergana, saying that in Uzbekistan, medical workers are “prohibited from talking to the media” on the situation with the coronavirus, agreed to talk to our journalist on condition of anonymity:

– We are forbidden to talk to journalists about the coronavirus. The ban on the dissemination of information about the coronavirus, both in the Alat region and in other regions of the republic, indicates that the government is doing whatever it pleases. In our area, there is also a huge difference between the official data and the real situation. The most interesting thing is that our leaders show the statistics that the government likes. For example, when it is necessary to create a panic, they show statistics with a high level of morbidity and mortality, and when it is necessary to show the opposite, they say that mortality and the infected are almost non-existent. We do not have transparency, and those who demand transparency are subject to legal measures, ”says a doctor from Fergana.

The state does not deceive, just thinks differently?

The discrepancy between official data on mortality from COVID-19 in Uzbekistan with real statistics is due to the fact that the authorities did not combine statistics on coronavirus infection and pneumonia into one.

On July 30, during a briefing at the Agency for Information and Mass Communications, a member of the headquarters for the fight against coronavirus under the Ministry of Health, Professor Khabibulla Akilov, said that currently only those patients who have a positive PCR test are included in the official statistics. Patients who died of bilateral pneumonia, who were not diagnosed with a new type of coronavirus before death, do not fall into the official statistics.

Recall that from August 1, Kazakhstan, and July 17, Kyrgyzstan, combined statistics on coronavirus and pneumonia.



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