68,871 coronavirus patients recover in Kazakhstan | Kazakhstan News: Latest news on Kazakh TV

1,840 patients were reported to have recovered from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, their number in Kazakhstan increased to 68,871.

The number of new positive cases of infection has also increased. 1,060 more COVID-19 cases were registered in Kazakhstan in the last 24 hours. 513 of them are cases with no clinical symptoms of infection. 180 new coronavirus cases were reported in Almaty in the past day, 210 in Nur-Sultan, 46 in Atyrau region, 87 in Karagandy region, 97 in East Kazakhstan region, 53 in West Kazakhstan region, 19 in Shymkent, 64 in Almaty region, 40 in Zhambyl region, 42 in Pavlodar region, 49 in North Kazakhstan region, 14 in Kyzylorda region, 11 in Aktobe region, 35 in Mangystau region, 45 in Kostanai region, 30 in Turkistan region and 38 in Akmola region.

To date, there are 95,942 COVID-19 cases in Kazakhstan, including 12,820 in Almaty, 12,344 in Nur-Sultan, 10,467 in Atyrau region, 9,075 in Karagandy region, 6,953 in East Kazakhstan region, 6,102 in West Kazakhstan region, 5,044 in Shymkent, 4,577 in Almaty region, 3,764 in Zhambyl region, 3,447 in Pavlodar region, 3,374 in North Kazakhstan region, 3,110 in Kyzylorda region, 3,083 in Aktobe region, 3,030 in Mangystau region, 2,953 in Kostanai region, 2,902 in Turkistan region and 2,897 in Akmola region.


Photo: inform.kz


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