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Where do Abai’s descendants now live? What is their life’s path? Have they inherited the talent of the great ancestor? Kazakh TV correspondent tried to find answers to these questions. He spoke with a direct descendant of the great Kazakh poet and philosopher Lyailya Baimagambetova, who is a great-granddaughter of Akylbai, the first son of Abai from his wife Dilda.

“My mother Kauash is Akylbai’s granddaughter and Abai’s great-granddaughter. Throughout her life, she has always been in close contact with the museum staff in Semei. She shared valuable information with them and kept in touch with scientists studying Abai’s works. My mother saw Abai’s wives and children,” said Lyailya Baimagambetova.

She said that Abai’s daughters, sons and grandchildren died during the war. She regrets that there are no descendants left to carry on the work of the great Kazakh poet. Baimagambetova, who devoted her life to education and research, strived to live up to the great name.

“My family has always been eager to learn. My father has a higher education. He worked in the civil service for many years and encouraged us to pursue higher education as well. I would like to point out that Uasila Magauyakyzy shared her memories of our ancestor Abai. Our grandfather wanted not only his sons, but also daughters to receive education, know the language and be reasonable.  He dreamt that his grandchildren and the next generation would be close to education and science. That is why my parents worked hard so that we could get an education,” said Baimagambetova.

She followed her mother’s path and worked at the Abai Museum in Semei for 15 years. During her career, she met with many famous people. She proudly notes that she spoke to Bauyrzhan Momyshuly, personally met with Fariza Ongarsynova and received her blessing. Baimagambetova said that it is a great responsibility and honor being a descendant of a bright star and a wise philosopher Abai. 

“The State National Library regularly invites me to various events. There I meet with writers, students, and schoolchildren. Round tables are held on various topics. I am also taking part in them. In addition, I often visit the National Museum and ‘Zerde’ school. The latter opened the Abai center. I participated in the ceremony. I fully support and believe that young generation should study the legacy of Abai,” Baimagambetova said.

She now lives with her children in Nur-Sultan. Baimagambetova added that she tries to keep in touch with other descePndants of her ancestor Abai.



Photo: sputniknews.kz


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