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Wedding hosts, large restaurant hall owners and many other event industry workers are on leave without pay, and couples in love are wondering how to celebrate their wedding day amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. There are still people who invite guests and hold the wedding ceremony behind closed doors and violating sanitary requirements. However, in Kazakhstan there are more and more newlyweds who refuse to throw mass parties during the current pandemic. There are many life hacks to make this day special. Today’s trend is a Zoom wedding with friends and family, riding cars and kissing while wearing protective masks. Yerke Mushelbayeva chose one of these options. The couple decided to start a family during the quarantine, but as it turned out, there was no reason to postpone the wedding day. The bride has always preferred small celebrations, so the ban on big parties did not upset her. On the contrary, she saw it as an opportunity for romance and creative ideas.

“We will do something like a ‘wedding for two’ – this expression is quite popular now, as far as I know. We have already applied for marriage license and we will receive our certificate very soon. Then we plan to arrange a small photoshoot for the two of us as a memento. We will also remotely accept congratulations from friends and family,” Mushelbayeva said.

While it is just one happy day in the life for newlyweds, for event organizers it is the job that they performed almost every week. While some are fighting for the return of mass celebrations and lifting of sanitary requirements, others understand the importance of these measures. The majority of the hosts of events have other main professions. Among them are actors, journalists, TV and radio broadcasters and program authors. Some of them are teaching online courses. They will not be left without a source of income, although they lost the bulk of it.

“Now it is not the right time for weddings. All events are officially prohibited in the country. We are waiting for the improvement of the epidemiological situation. The celebrations will return with better times. We have something else to do now. No one just does nothing and hopes for a miracle. Everyone is engaged in creative projects as much as possible,” said journalist Yerkebulan Tleulin.

It is not yet known when these best times will come. Virologists say that even if the quarantine ends, the virus will not go away, so following sanitary rules should become a daily habit. As for couples, it is up to them to choose whether to celebrate their wedding or protect themselves and their loved ones from the risk of getting infected. A honeymoon spent with a thermometer is definitely not the best start of the family life. That is why experts recommend couples to refrain from large-scale ceremonies, but not from getting married as such.

“Nobody is forcing anyone to cancel the wedding! My girlfriend and her husband purchased wedding clothes. It makes them feel the importance of this day and the photos will be there to remember, to show to grandkids. There must be all the wedding attributes, just without a restaurant. Indeed, it is just their holiday, let them two celebrate it. They can arrange a rooftop dinner. There are a lot of options to choose from. It’s all about wanting,” said the bridesmaid Ainur Akhtanova.

Experts also recommend decorating the apartment in the holiday spirit. Friends can join the feast by video call. That means that the wedding day will still feel like a holiday. Quarantine in Kazakhstan has been extended until August 17 and mass celebrations in restaurants are still prohibited.




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