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The construction work of the museum of the Kunanbai dynasty in Abai’s homeland is almost completed. A historical and cultural object located near the necropolis of the ancestors of the great Kazakh poet is being built in the village of Akshoky of East Kazakhstan region, Governor of East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov posted on his Instagram account. Akhmetov recently visited Abai district and Semei, where he saw the progress of preparations for the 175th birth anniversary of Abai Kunanbaiuly.

“In addition to the exhibition hall, we have arranged a hall for classes for schoolchildren and conferences, and where the visitors could rest. The work in Syrt Kaskabulak is fully completed. A sacred spring has been renovated. The historic birthplace of Abai was given greatness. The Abai and Shakarim Memorial Complex looks completely new. It is in the spirit of the times and yet we have preserved the original architecture. In the future, museums of the writers will be opened there,” Akhmetov said.

Not only the museum is acquiring a new look in East Kazakhstan region, but also the city of Semei, which is the regional center. For the 175th anniversary of the great Kazakh poet, a park, theater and museum named after Abai were reconstructed. The square of the great philosopher has also acquired a brand-new look. Now it has comfortable places for rest and parking for cars. The facades of the nearby houses were also renovated.   

“The theater is also renovated. Despite the complete reconstruction, we preserved the historical feature of the theater. The temple of art has become spacious and bright. A completely new stage and an auditorium with an air conditioning system awaits the residents and visitors of Semei,” Akhmetov said.

He added that it is planned to erect a monument to Abai and his sons on the territory of the renovated museum.


Photo: inform.kz


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