Kazakh road freight transport generates income of more than US$192 million | Kazakhstan News: Latest news on Kazakh TV

In Kazakhstan, nearly 1.4 billion tons of freight were transported by vehicle in the first six months of 2020. According to Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, the income amounted to 80.3 billion tenge (US$192.1 million), which is 7 percent more than last year. Thus, neither the spread of coronavirus, nor quarantine, or rather, a decline in business activity, nor a reduction in the geography of supplies, negatively affected the sector.

“In six months, nearly 1.4 billion tons of cargo was transported by road, which is 10 percent less than 1.57 billion tons of the previous year. In six months, road freight turnover amounted to 69.5 billion tons, which is 14 percent less compared to the last year’s turnover of 80.5 billion tons,” Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development stated.

To date, the sector is supported by the state. Freight transport and road transport are exempt from taxes and mandatory payments to the wage fund. In addition, as part of the recovery of economic growth by the end of 2020, work is underway to ensure that international road transport operators are exempted from recycling fees and primary registration fees for truck tractors.

Railway transportations are also showing growth in quantitative terms. 196.6 million tons of cargo were transported by rail. This figure is 2.3 percent more compared to the same period last year. According to the relevant ministry, during this period, freight was transported on a regular basis.

As for the loading and transport of coal, it is planned to load 50,804 tons of coal from July to the end of December, of which 37,620 tons are for interregional transportation and 17,184 tons for export. There are currently more than 58,000 gondola cars used in Kazakhstan, of which 32,000 are used in the transportation of coal.


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