The number of cars passing through the “Yalla” post has increased.


The number of cars passing through the “Yalla” post has increased.

A working meeting between the chairman of the State Customs Committee M. Azimov and the chairman of the State Revenue Committee of Kazakhstan A. Tengebayev was held on August 18 at the border checkpoint “Yallama” of the Tashkent regional customs department, the press service of the Uzbek Customs Service reports.

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Goods smuggled in passenger trains
The meeting focused on the study and elimination of the causes of congestion of trucks at the border checkpoint “B. Konisbaev” in Kazakhstan, which has recently been adjacent to the border checkpoint “Yallama” in Uzbekistan.

According to the report, the reason for the traffic jam was the 65% increase in traffic between the two countries compared to last year.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides agreed to sell at least 130 trucks a day. This means that the inspection time of each vehicle is 10 minutes.

In addition, the parties have agreed to monitor the number of cars waiting in line on both sides online.

Muratjon Azimov – Chairman of the State Customs Committee
What are the benefits for entrepreneurs – the answer of the chairman of the customs committee
It should be reminded that according to the State Revenue Committee of Kazakhstan, 315 trucks were stranded at the border checkpoint on August 1-7. After the agreement between the two sides, the number of trucks waiting in line at the border has been reduced to 60 cars.

According to the press service of the Customs Committee of Uzbekistan, in 2018-2019, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan will have “international” status between the two countries, and “Yallama”, “Gishtokprik”, “Gishtkoprik” and “Chishkuprik”, which have a wide scope of work. – Reconstruction of customs posts is underway.

These posts, in particular, are equipped with large-scale X-ray scanners, equipment with radiation and surveillance systems, further improve the video surveillance system, identify and monitor the state numbers of motor vehicles, and determine the number of vehicles.

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