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Patients recovered from coronavirus of mild or serious condition can help those who are infected with COVID-19 by donating immune plasma. Health workers explained how to do it, reported official website of Nur-Sultan’s mayoral office.


A donor must be 18 years of age or older and weigh at least 50 kilograms; have an identity card with him or her; can provide additional tests if they have, medical workers said.


“Women who have not been through pregnancy and childbirth can also participate in plasma donation. This is due to the immunological complications that can occur with the transfusion of this plasma. Such complications are rare, but they do occur. In order not to create such a problem, we exclude women who have given birth earlier,” said Head of the Donor Recruitment Department, transfusiologist Elmira Kopeyeva.


On the first day, the donor is tested for blood and antibodies at the center. If the indicators are normal, the next day he or she is invited to donate the immune plasma. The procedure does not differ from the usual delivery of plasmapheresis by the hardware method. Plasma is taken in a volume of up to 600 milliliters or less.


“It is necessary to properly prepare for the immune plasma donation, if antibodies are approved. It is advisable to exclude spicy, fatty, fried, dairy products from 6 p.m. of previous day. Drinking plenty of water or black tea is recommended,” the expert noted.


Ten to eleven donors come for testing every day. Only three to four of them can donate plasma. Often, not everyone has normal tests, and it takes more time to recover.


Nearly 190 doses of immune plasma have been prepared in Kazakhstan’s capital. About 151 were sent to hospitals. Ten of them were given to other blood centers. There were 77 donations, 69 became immune plasma donors.

If you want to donate immune plasma, please contact the Scientific and Production Center of Transfusiology that is located at Kerei Zhanibek Khandar str., 10.


Experts have previously emphasized that plasma is not a medicine, but an adjuvant in the fight against the infection along with the main antiviral treatment as well as other medicines.




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