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A feature film ‘Yellow Cat’ directed by Adilkhan Yerzhanov was selected for the Horizons (Orizzonti) section of the 77th Venice International Film Festival. This year’s festival will kick off September 2 and last through September 12 in the usual non-virtual format. Yerzhanov, who directed the film about Kazakh Bonnie and Clyde, intends to attend the major cinema event if the epidemiological situation improves.

“I think that to date for a film to premiere in a live format in Venice is the best format for any film at all. I am thankful to the team and jury for this opportunity,” Yerzhanov said.

‘Yellow Cat’ tells the story of a young man named Kermek who returns to his hometown and finds out that it is now ruled by a criminal gang. Besides, the bandits got Kermek’s girlfriend Eva mixed up in a bad story. Kermek too reluctantly steps on a dark path. Despite this, Kermek believes that he and Eva will break out of this vicious circle and open their own cinema theater. This bright dream keeps Kermek afloat.

“Kermek, the main character of the film, is a folklore character placed in the context of modernity. I was curious to create such a naive and kind character, who cannot fit into society. The actor Azamat Nigmanov brilliantly conveyed and rethought this role. I honestly do not know how this film is different from others. But I know that I wanted to make a film that would be simple and kind, no matter the plot twists and turns. The quintessence of childhood and naivety is what is most important for me in the film,” Yerzhanov explained.

Kazakh short film ‘Umai’ directed by Inkar Abdrash won the Best First Time Director award in Slovakia at the Kosice International Monthly Film Festival in July. According to the ‘Kazakhfilm’ film studio, the aim of the competition is to promote talented filmmakers from all over the world. The jury of the film screening consists of young filmmakers from Slovakia. Each month, they select the winners who, at the end of the year, can qualify for the KIMFF’s main awards in their categories. The annual awards ceremony is scheduled for 26th-28th May 2021.  

‘Umai’ tells about a boy from an orphanage who changes the course of life of a spoiled actress for the better.


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