Neurosurgeon advises to prepare your body for possible second wave of COVID-19 | Kazakhstan News: Latest news on Kazakh TV

“Despite the fact that the treatment of coronavirus is not my main specialization, my civic responsibility is to tell people what I know and protect the population from fake information,” said Mynzhylky Berdykozhayev, a well-known neurosurgeon and a winner of the “100 new faces of Kazakhstan” project. From the beginning of the spread of the deadly virus in the country, the expert has been constantly sharing useful information with the population in his interviews and giving recommendations all the time.

Currently, he is fully supporting the decision of Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to extend quarantine measures for two weeks with a gradual easing.


Mynzhylky Berdykozhayev urged Kazakh people to keep taking all measures to reduce the disease spread and protect themselves and families from the risk of being infected. The doctor predicted a second wave of COVID-19 spread in the coming fall and told what vitamins people need to take and how to prepare the body for the fight against coronavirus as well as other seasonal infections.


“If your attending physician advises against taking vitamin D in the summer, then you should not take it, because we take this vitamin from the sunlight anyway. If you have an overdose of this vitamin, you will only harm your body. If you got used to drinking tea with lemon, honey and ginger, keep drinking it, this is good for your health. If you have a fever and you have taken certain medicines, then stop taking them after three to four days. Let your body fight against the infection itself. I also advise everyone to eat horse meat and drink kymyz, because there is nothing more useful than them. So, take advantage of this advice. In case of the new wave, follow these tips to help your body cope and saturate it with beneficial vitamins. And, of course, don’t forget to do sports outdoors,” the expert said.


He also advises against visiting crowded places and holding mass events, gatherings in order to prevent another wave of the coronavirus spread.

“The rapid spread of COVID-19 that we have experienced should be a lesson for all of us. The main thing is that it depends on everyone,” highlighted Mynzhylky Berdykozhayev.


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