Resident of Nur-Sultan develops unique method of learning English through Abai’s poems | Kazakhstan News: Latest news on Kazakh TV

Resident of Nur-Sultan Yernat Melsuly developed an English-language teaching method based on the poetry of Abai. He said that this simple, but unique approach would allow students to kill two birds with one stone – not only learn the language spoken by hundreds of millions of people, but also become more familiar with the work of the great Kazakh poet.

“My methodology is based on the study of the works of the great poet in the original language, which is Kazakh and the analysis of each word of the English version of the same work. We then offer a comprehensive explanation of the poems in two languages. All words, treatises, and statements of Abai will be accompanied by additional materials,” Melsuly said.

He explained that most people find it much easier to learn a foreign language through images. Melsuly said that, according to his methodology, using illustrative audio and video materials is important to speed up learning of new words. The author plans to include all these points in his methodological book ‘Ghylym tap – Find science’. The book offers to study English through Abai’s poem ‘Pride without Science’.

“In fact, this poem has never been translated into English before. Illustrations are attached in the book depending on the structure and content of the poem, as well as lexical, grammatical considerations and motivational quotes,” Melsuly noted.

He had previously presented a tool for self-study of English called ‘Breaking English’. This book is in great demand right now. Melsuly also founded one of the popular language centers in the Kazakh capital. 


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